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6am - Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin Ireland

June 28th - July 31st  2018

Nineteen paintings and two site-specific wall drawings combine to give the viewer an immersive experience. Merging drawing and painting with LED lighting technology and audio. Creating an environment that suggests the transition and passage of time, the theme at the core of a body of work addresses migration. By considering the light of sunrise and sounds of the dawn, a cycle of absence and return is mirrored throughout the space which was once a home.

SLIVER - Kustera Projects, Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA

November 11th 2017 - January 12th 2018

SLIVER brings together a series of triptych paintings on canvas. The frames are inlaid on the reverse side with LED lighting and are immersed in a 360° audio soundscape. The paintings illuminate the gallery space, suggesting transitions of time and experience through color, light and sound.


As the light in the room changes, slivers of audio can be heard, weaving together fragments of the the Dawn Chorus song, as well as elements of music by Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy and snatches of conversation that document a journey of migration (Lisseth’s) from Guatemala to America.


SLIVER, 10ft x 4ft, acrylic on canvas, wood, LED Lighting



CORE - Capitol Theater Port Chester New York (Permanent Installation) 2012

A series of three large pencil drawings on paper, housed in brushed aluminum frames and backed with LED lighting. Commissioned for the lobby of the legendary Capitol Theater concert hall in Port Chester New York, the large-scale works are a mediation in time and color. The works cycle through a rage of pulsating hues that slowly change over time. They reflect the silence of the studio practice and a merging of mark-making with technology in the public space.


5ft x 5ft ea, pencil on paper, brushed aluminum  LED Lighting

U23D (Director/producer)

Award winning, 3D stereoscopic feature length film. The first digital 3D film made for IMAX theatrical release in 2008. Shot in South America, its creation spearheaded a series of major technological breakthroughs in 3D film making in the film industry.

U2 - Original Of The Species

Nominated for two MTV music video awards in 2006 The video incorporated early motion capture techniques, layering film, animation and VFX elements together.


Kumbh Mela - India

Documentary preview. The largest spiritual gathering in the world. 2012

50 Million Hindu worshipers gather every 12 year on the banks of the Ganges River in Hardiwar to take a dip in the water and make an offering to Maa Ganga, goddess of the holiest river in India.

Colin Dunne - Sculpting Space

3D Documentary on Irish Dancer Colin Dunne. Commissioned by BSkyB UK in 2012. The film documents Colin's work from childhood through to the creation of his master work Out Of Time.



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